Friday, February 27, 2015

Quiet but busy February

It's been a while since my last post, really the longest I've ever gone between posts!  I hope I never go that long between postings again.    But this February has been absolutely terrible.   After enjoying a very rare kayak fishing trip on Dec 28th just 2 months ago in what seemed like balmy 10 degree Celsius temperatures, we have been brutalized since with storm after storm after storm.    The kids have had many snow days, the town has shut down completely several times, and my street is one of many that are down to one lane because of the massive amounts of snow build up.

Also, my day job as a software engineer is in the tax industry, and this is the crazy time for me work-wise.   I'm often putting in long hours and working till very late at night this time of year.   I really don't have much time to put into the blog unfortunately.

Just the same though, I have been able to put some time into off-season fishing activities.   The annual three day Moncton Sportsman Show is only a month away now, and I've been asked to host a booth to promote kayak fishing and sturgeon fishing.     This should be a lot of fun, and a great way to help grow the sport here in Eastern Canada, however it has been a lot of work to prepare for, and I still have a ton of work to do before I'm ready.

Along with preparing for the show, I have been working the phones and e-mails constantly for the last few months recruiting new and returning sponsors for the two paddling tournaments that I organize.   Thankfully, a lot of companies are seeing value in these events and the promotional opportunities that sponsorship provides.   There are a host of new companies on board this year, and from them a lot of new and great prizes to be given away!    It's way too early for me to know what the final prize pools will look like but I'm certain they will blow last year out of the water!

Getting into yet another new venture, 2015 will see me as a published columnist for the first time!   I'll be contributing a regular column to the Ossekeag family of community magazines which serve 40,000 households in communities around the Saint John region.     Though these articles I will promote the sport of fishing, tell stories, give tips and offer friendly encouragement to folk to get out and give fishing a try!

Finally, in 2015 I am going offer my services as a recreational kayak fishing guide.  If you, or anyone you know would like to hire me as a guide for a day or a half day, then let me know.   I expect to start fishing sturgeon in April (if Winter ever ends!) and there won't be a lot of days before they head out to deeper water and the short Spring sturgeon season ends. I already have some days booked up! 

So stay tuned for posts in the next while and if you are in the Maritimes, be sure to check out the Sportsmen Show in Moncton and come by to say hi!

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