Wednesday, July 9, 2014

First trip to Walton Lake

Yesterday evening I tried a couple things I've never done before, that is go fishing specifically for smallmouth bass, and visit Walton Lake over on the Kingston Peninsula.    As much as I have been fishing in New Brunswick the past year, it's typcically been for strurgeon, stripers, pickerel and other species other than smallies, so I have a lot to learn in that area!

The launch point in Walton Lake is ideal for a kayak.   It is a sandy embankment, a little steep, directly on the road in a sheltered part of the lake.    

Walton Lake is located about 10 or 15 min from the Kingston Ferry, which makes it about a 20 min drive from my house.   So the location is great for a place for me to practice smallmouth fishing.   They say it's full of smallmouth, but because of pressures on the lake, it's difficult to get any great trophies.

On the evening I did manage to land 2 smalmouth bass, both on a dark red Zoom fluke with a pink tail within a few casts of each other.   The only other hits I got were from some perch earlier in the evening when I tried throwing out a nightcrawler.   The biggest of the two smallies was just 12.5 inches, but still it proves there are fish in the pond and it's a great place for me to practice and develop my skills.   

I'll be back to Walton, perhaps as soon as Friday to try my luck once again!

I did manage to take a nice little blooper video.    As I have no pride, I have no problem sharing it so that you get a little chuckle.