Saturday, May 31, 2014

Suckers on the Hammond

Today I hit the Hammond River again with the Greater Saint John Kayak Anglers hoping to hook into a couple shad.    I got there early (around 6:30 AM) and paddled up to the appointed fishing spot at Crowley's Hole.

With the water being very clear, we could see the bottom easily and in doing so we could see swarms of gaspereau and hundreds of suckers resting along the bottom.    Scattered through the gaspereau was the odd shad, but their numbers were only a small fraction of the gaspereau.   Catching a shad was sure to be a challange!

I came equipped with multiple rods, and many different ideas of how I might attract a shad to my hook but everything I tried failed miserably.    I did however solidify a surefire technique to catch lots and lots of gaspereau, and I was able to hook into several suckers as well.

10 kayak anglers were on the water, overall a very nice outing on a beautiful Saturday!   I can't wait to get out again!  

Oh, and once I got back to the lauch point, I got to try out my newly re-enforced homemade kayak cart.  I fully expected it to fall apart under the weight of the Predator, but it held up and I used it to bring the kayak back to the CRV!