Monday, November 25, 2013

Memories of 2013

2012 was our family's first real summer of fishing in New Brunswick. Mainly it started with me and my kayak learning from others in New Brunswick about fishing here for perch, smallmouth bass, trout, pickerel and so on. Anytime that we could I would take my boys out fishing with me.

Here we see my youngest Rowan, who had just turned 3 holding a small perch that he had hooked, reeled in and taken off his hook all by himself!

This is my oldest Fynn showing off his first pickerel caught at Kingston Creek in canoe early this past summer.

Obviously both boys have inherited a joy for fishing and both want to get out with me in canoe as often as they can.

Aside from getting out with the two boys, I also partook in several fishing tournaments for the first time in my life. Every one was a unique and learning experience. From rescuing a sunken kayak in the wind and rain and extrememly strong current up in Chipman (Shad tourney - Salmon River), to paddling all day in canoe with a new friend and my dog in a pickerel tournament, to winning the early bird prize in the NB Paddler's tournament, it was all a lot of fun and times to remember.

This year I managed to catch white perch, yellow perch, trout, eel, catfish, small mouth bass, suckers, sunfish, pickerel, sturgeon, a striped bass,... and probably more than I can't remember.

The one fish that I have really taken on an expertise with is sturgeon. I'll post seperately about my sturgeon experieces and what I've learned. With 71 caught on the year (61 in kayak), and 16 in my last kayak trip alone, I've really gotten a knack for them and feel I can offer a lot to others that want to get out and catch their first sturgeon.