Sunday, June 29, 2014

A busy couple of weeks!

Been a little while since my last post, mainly because I haven't had time to get my thoughts together after running the NB Paddler's Derby, family and work commitments, and of course getting some fishing in here and there where I can.   

The NB Paddler's Derby was a great success with 36 people on the water participating.   I had to deal with the morning registration rush, and then get back early to start setting up for prizes, so my time on the water as a competitor was limited, but I had fun and landed 5 species which put me square in the middle of the pack.   It would have been great to bring Rowan or Fynn but with my other responsibilites, I couldn't take on having a young child there to look after as well.     I did get Rowan out the day before in Oromocto where he 'helped' land a nice 21 inch pickerel, an eel, a white perch, plus several yellow perch and catfish.

I still have some work to do wrapping up the derby getting the check for nearly $500 off to the Oromocto River Watershed Association, and sending thank you letters out to sponsors.    There is a lot of work in running a tournament!

This week I took the boys out fishing a few times.    Fynn is getting to be a much better paddler in the 12 foot Dirigo.    I have to get him a proper sized kayak soon.   Probably a 9 foot Heron Angler.   Rowan is doing great fishing for perch sitting down beside me with his own rod!     Here is a little video from the past week.   Rowan caught severel perch, Fynn caught a couple and I land a pickerel at the end.   I love how they attack the top water lures with an explosion!

Finally, yesterday I got out with severeal members of the Greater Saint John Kayak Anglers for some salt water fishing!  It was my first time out in the Bay of Fundy in the Predator, and we couldn't have picked a nicer day.  Launching of Mispec beach we had wanted to catch somthing interesting but all we could find on this day were sculpin and a couple of pollock.