Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fishbum Field Staff!

This week I was honored to be named to Fishbum's team of field staff!   Fishbum, as many of you know is one of the premiere, and the absolute coolest line of fishing clothes out there.   Their product is top of the line in quality, and the work they have put into their designs is amazing.

While much of the fishbum line of fishing clothing may be considered a little loud for the conservative dressers, their products really to have a strong appeal to the younger generation of anglers, as well as to those who really want to stand out as one who loves the sport.

Fishbum carries a line of jerseys, jackets, shirts, hats, decals and so forth.   Much of their product is dye sublimated, which means the color will never fade!   These items are made to last!    Not only does Fishbum do individual items, they also will work with you to customize shirts and jerseys for your particular fishing group or team!    Check out their facebook site for some amazing team jersey's that Fishbum has put together for fishing teams and group!

My favorite item by Fishbum is the new Muskies Canada Jersey which you can personalize with your full name on the shoulder and last name on the back.   I think the design they have come up with is not too flashy, but at the same time really stands out as a great looking piece with graphics that stand out and show off the Fishbum attitude.

As a Field Staffer, I'll have access to promotions that I can pass on to you.    If you are interested in making a Fishbum purchase, let me know and I'll see what I can do to get you a little discount!