Saturday, June 14, 2014

2 Kayaks, 2 Kids and 1 Broken arm

Yesterday I took advantage of some decent weather before a storm here on Saturday to get both Fynn (6, soon to be 7) and Rowan (3, soon to be 4) out for a short kayak fish.    Rowan still has his arm in a cast so he can't really to much other than sit there an hold my net, while Fynn had never sat in a kayak by himself before.

Rowan took his familiar place behind me in the Old Town Predator 13 on a small footstool.   It is an ideal seat for either boy to ride along on and fish from.   Fynn was placed in my 12 foot Old Town Dirigo along with a rod holder.    Obviously this kayak is way too big for Fynn, but the water was pretty calm, and I had a rope tied between the two kayaks so I could tow him around.

Well I figured it would take 20 min for Fynn to get comfortable, or decide this wasn't for him.    Well less than 5 min on the water, with Fynn just having made is first cast, he calls out "I got one!".    Sure enough, he had a small pickerel take after his spinner/worm!   From there on, Fynn was all in!

We made it across to the far side of the body of water we were fishing, and while I was unable to land any pickerel, Fynn managed to nab a perch!    Once he had the perch, he put the rod away and tried to paddle and tow me around for a while, while Rowan played with the perch!

Not a bad outing for the first kayak fishing trip!   Way to go Fynn!   Looks like I'll be investing in my forth Old Town boat soon.... likely the 8 foot Old Town Heron Junior!

Update:   On Father's Day I had both boys out again, this time in the Kennebacasis River in Hampton.    While Fynn wasn't able to catch anything on this outing, we did see a big salmon jump, and Rowan reeled in a catfish, even with one arm in a cast!