Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Canada Day Striper!

What a great way to start Canada Day; on the water at 5:30 AM striper fishing above Reversing Falls with my friend John.    I've tried fishing this location about a dozen times, only once getting a hit, and that on my first night out right at midnight.   I wasn't ready for a striper then, but today I've got a fair bit more experience both with bigger fish, and with how to handle them in a kayak.

Almost immeadiately I got a hit, but it was basically next to the kayak just as I was about to take the lure from the water.   It surprised me, and the fish didn't get hooked but it was a great indication that there were fish out there to catch!    Check out the spash from the striper!

It took a while but eventually I did manage to hook into one,... after the GoPro battery died.    So unfortunately I didn't capture the catch on video but there is a clip of me holding it on the video.


Here's a little clip.   I'll be out fishing for these guys a lot more often now over the next few weeks as the weather and tides allow!