Monday, July 28, 2014

Modsley Lake

This past weekend a small group of us packed up our kayaks and paddled out to Modsley Lake, near McAdam, NB.   This is a very isolated lake, full boulders all over the place and as such is not really accessable to motor boats.   However for those with kayaks and a love of great fishing, it's an absolute dream!   Not only are there a ton of pickerel, and some very large smallmouth and fall fish in this lake, there is also an awesome cabin located in the middle of the lake on it's own little 1.5 acre (give or take) island.  Much thanks to our friend Sako for arranging for us to have use of the cabin over the weekend!

Peggy, Andrew and myself all arrived Friday evening, in time to set up camp, and sit back to relax by the fire pit after the 2 hour or so paddle to get to the cabin. While my Predator 13 can hold a ton of gear, it does turn from a surprisingly swift vessel to a big slow barge when weighted down with what must have been 500 pounds of cargo (including myself)! We explored and fished the lake all day Saturday thinking Craig and John wouldn't make it after they hadn't turned up when we finished for the day around 8... but after dark while sitting around the fire pit we heard a noise; it was Craig and John finally arriving at the island! They had gotten on the water earlier in the day and had fished all day before joining us.

There are all sorts of little grassy areas all around Modsley lake and also a ton of huge boulders thoughout. The pickerel fishing was awesome, though I didn't land any monsters. Andrew did land a 24.5 and a 25.5 inch pickerel which was awesome! I'll be back there sometime in hopes of hitting and landing the eleusive 30 incher!

Here is some video of just a few of the 40 pickerel I landed this weekend.

In addition to the 40 pickerel I put into the kayak I also caught a white perch and a nice size Fall Fish (Chub). I wasn't able to land a smallie, though to be honest I didn't spend much time trying for one.

Andrew caught the biggest fish of the day at 25.5 inches!