Monday, September 19, 2016

Sturgeon Alley Mid-Sept Fishing Report

The season for sturgeon fishing is just getting started and as expected things are a little slow to start off.   As the water continues to cool down (was sitting at 65 F yesterday evening) the shortnose sturgeon will migrate into the lower Kennebecasis and as such the fishing will pick up.

Roughly 30" Atlantic Sturgeon, pardon the wet lens on the GoPro!
There have been a number of people fishing sturgeon the past week or three with a few sturgeon being caught here or there.   The majority of the sturgeon right now appear to be young 2 - 3 year old Atlantic sturgeon ranging from roughly 24 - 32 inches.   These fish will make their way out to the Bay of Fundy within another year as they grow in to larger adult Atlantic Sturgeon.

While the sturgeon fishing is still a little slow, the fishing overall isn't bad.   In a couple of hours last night, using only nightcrawlers on my sturgeon rig, I landed 2 eels, 2 yellow perch, a tommy cod, a small striped bass (about 14"), and an Atlantic Sturgeon.    Another fellow was out in boat, having arrived 40 min or so before me and landed 3 sturgeon on the evening (2 of them Atlantics).

I'll be out this coming weekend, as long as the weather allows, both on Saturday and Sunday.   If you do make your way out to fish for sturgeon, be sure to say hi!

I have several Sundays open for guided fishing in October, as well as many dates in November.   If you or folk you know want to book to experience this type of fishing, be sure to let me know!

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