Friday, August 12, 2016

Conrad's Personal Best Musky

A few weeks back, while on my summer vacation road trip I stopped in Peterborough for a few days to fish for Carp and Musky with my friend Conrad.    Now Conrad had come to visit me in the Spring with his friend Mark to fish sturgeon and while the fishing was a little slow, but managed to catch a few dinos, and while here crashed at my place.

So I had high hopes for Peterborough given the pictures that Conrad had sent me, of catching some huge carp and hopefully a nice musky as well.   Now, having arrived there well into my 2 week road trip, where I have been sleeping in a tent for the most part and had been in kayak every day, I was a little tired.    So after getting to what would be our carp fishing hole for the rest of the night and after taking a brief paddle around  I opted to sit back for a little rest.

"Conrad", I said, "Go try out the Predator 13 and see what you think."   So off he went, with the rod and lure that I had already set up to troll for a Musky.    Not 10 minutes later I hear him shout "Joe, I got one!".  

There, just across the river was Conrad fighting what looked to be a pretty good sized fish.   After a few minutes, he had the net out and and the the fish was safely on board the kayak!    Great job Conrad!

A quick paddle back to shore, to unhook this beauty, get a measurement and some pictures and then back in the water for a safe release.    At 35", this was Conrad's biggest muskie to date, and the first in kayak.   Well done!

Of course, I hit the water right after, re-energized and hopefully of duplicating the feat.   It only took me about 5 minutes however to get the lure snagged on a rock and then I lost it for good!   Guess the Muskie may have sheared the leader and I hadn't checked it.   Oh well... I did catch my own first musky a few days later, but they were miniscule compared to Conrad's great catch!

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