Friday, June 5, 2015

Rowan's 1st 2015 outing

Yesterday, as the weather was great, I took Rowan out in our Old Town Preadator 13 kayak to see what fish he may catch. Having been to this spot the previous morning for a dawn fish, I knew that Rowan would catch all sorts of fish just by dropping down a worm. The last thing you want to do on the first outing of the year is take a child out and not catch any fish!

It didn't take long for Rowan to start reeling them in. With me fishing with lures primarily looking for nice pickerel, Rowan ending up catching about 3 times the fish that I did on the evening! He landed many small yellow perch, a sunfish, and a few pickerel. .

I got a couple perch, a smallmouth bass and a few pickerel.

 I hadn't expected to see any sunfish here, thinking it may be too early for them. But Rowan had predicted he'd catch a sunfish that morning, and sure enough he did! It's funny, Rowan does seem to have a knack for predicting what he's going to catch! It's happened several times now that he's suprised me with unexpected fish he predicted he'd catch... such as the shark we caught ice fishing that time!

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