Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kayak Fishing Jerseys!

As part of the Greater Saint John Kayak Anglers (ok... founder), I'm very pleased to have a group of over 50 kayak fishing friends that I can call on to accompany me on my various adventures.   Last night I was able to meet one such angler and take to the waters above Reversing Falls to fish for Striped Bass.   It was Steve's first time kayaking in that area.   As I got off the water, Steve then met up with John from our group who was just heading out and stayed out another 4 hours fishing there in the dark.   

There are all sorts of stories like this of kayak anglers meeting others in the group and getting out together to explore new areas of fish for species one hasn't had a chance to fish with before.    This weekend for instance we are hoping to hit the salt water in search of Mackerel, something many of us (including me) have never done before in a kayak!

Over the past few weeks, I have been working with Fishbum to come up with a kayak fishing jersey that members of our group can wear.   We have finally come up with what we believe may be a final design that looks pretty sharp.     (Ignore the spelling error in my name!)     I hope you like it!

Hopefully many members of our group will decide to purchase one a jersey for themselves.    Also, anyone from basically anywhere who likes this jersey can purchase their own through our group for $105 (plus tax/shipping) and have the name of the group on the arm customized!     If you are not part of the Greater Saint John Kayak Anglers and would like to look into ordering this jersey, just let me know!