Monday, February 3, 2014

Received tackle from Owner Hooks!

Today I was very excited to receive a shipment of assorted tackle from Owner Hooks!   Much thanks to Owner Hooks for supporting my angling up here in New Brunswick this year and I am confident this absolute top quality set of fishing tackle will find itself embedded solidly in many prize catches this year!

Owner Hooks is based in California and has been making top of the line fishing tackle for nearly a decade now.   They have several revolutionary items in their collection that really stand out as potential game changers for anglers in New Brunswick which is what attracted me to approach Owner Hooks back in January.

One of the items I am anxious to get out and make use of is the Jig Rig.   It is a hook designed for soft plastic baits to be rigged weedless, and includes a built in slim profile drop weight which will allow the angler to move the bait across the floor of the pond/river through weeds and other impediments.   This allows you to get your lure down deep where any bottom feeding bass, pickerel or other species you may be targeting with soft plastics may be lurking.

Another fantastic piece of tackle unique to Owner hooks is the Boa Rig.    This 2 hook rig is adjustable to allow the angler to set the length of line between the two hooks exactly as is needed for rigging up live bait.    I could have used a few of these this past weekend when fishign for hake using smelt as the bait.

A could of other items that will work together to add a lot of  convienience when fishing for trout using worms is the Drop Shot adjustable weight and the wacky rig specific hooks.  The Drop shot is designed to be easily moved up or down your line so that your suspended bait (using a worm blower) will suspend at exactly the height above the floor you wish.     I'm expecting to land my fair share of trout out at First and Second Lake this year using these great products!

As I try out the many different items received from Owner Hook today, I'll be sure to post reports, opinions, pictures and reviews.   Be sure to check out Owner Hook's website and look into getting some of this great gear yourself!