Here are some comments left by others who have joined me in a guided kayak fishing trip.    As the guided service is still new in 2015, this page has yet to find its legs. :-)

April 25th, 2015 - First ever sturgeon outing caught 12 sturgeon including 2 well over 40 inches!

Jonathan - Fantastic day out on the water with Joe. First time ever fishing for sturgeon, managed to get 12 fish. Joe really knows his stuff and I would definitely recommend a day out with him to get up close to these amazing prehistoric creatures.

Lauren (Jonathan's Wife) - We moved to Canada from South Africa recently and arranged a day out with Joe, for my husband Jonathans birthday, who has always wanted to catch a sturgeon. Joe was extremely helpful with making the arrangements, replying to my numerous emails very quickly as well as giving us all the information we needed to make this a fun as well as very safe fishing experience. He has definitely taken time to think about everything needed when running a business of this kind including tackle, snacks/drinks, comfort and safety of both the angler and fish as well as great customer service, I cant recommend him enough. Great blog and great service. Thanks again Joe!

April 26, 2015 - First time in kayak and first time sturgeon fishing landed 4 sturgeon!

Alexei - It was my first time fishing from a kayak and I caught 4 sturgeons, two of them were big. I've got encouraging experience and a beautiful day on the river, thank you, Joe! 

May 3, 2015 - Helping Mike on the maiden voyage for his new kayak, I was pleased to offer some advice on rigging and accessories and to help him catch his first fish in the kayak!   Mike landed a couple great sturgeon that were at or above the 40" mark!

Mike: A great day on the water!  My first time kayak and sturgeon fishing.  Joe took care of everything, provided some good outfitting tips for my kayak, and most importantly knew where the fish wre!  I can't wait to get out again

August 1st, 2015 - I took a young teen and his older relative out for a day of kayak fishing on the Hammond.   For both, it was their first time kayak fishing, and we all had a great time.  While we could only find yellow perch on this day, we had fantastic weather, and both of the guys learned a lot about how great fishing from a kayak can be!

August 8th, 2015 - 10 year old John and his uncle Jake came down from Moncton to try out kayak fishing for the first time.   We started out having a great time fishing on the Hammond and then John wanted to try for a sturgeon.    With neither being a strong paddler, I tied th ekayaks together and towed them out to sturgeon alley where we caught white perch and Jake caught a small striper, but no sturgeon.    Undaunted, the came back again the next weekend to try again!

August 16th, 2015 - Back again for another shot at sturgeon, we launched close to sturgeon alley and spent the entire day in search of dinosaurs.    While this is still very early in the year to be trying for them, John managed to hook and land three of them!   Unfortunately Jake didn't find any, but he did catch his first smallmouth as well as white and yellow perch.

Oct 31st,  2015 - Marc and a group of his friends came down to try their luck and through the day over 20 sturgeon were caught.   We had beautiful weather and great fishing on this Halloweeen weekend!
Marc Leger - The five of had never fished for sturgeon.  Joe gave us an experience we will never forget.  We arrived at the put in early on a bright sunny Saturday October morning. There was Joe waiting for us with kayaks and gear ready to go.  Before we knew it, after a brief tutorial,  we were paddling up the Kennebecasis towards the Hammond River.  At the right spot, Joe told us to drop our anchors and the fishing began in earnest.  Most guys hooked and released several sturgeon.  It was a fun and exciting experience.  We all agree, we want to do this again.  This is not the last time we go out fishing with Joe Tilley. 

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