Guided Fishing

Book now for 2016 guided kayak fishing!

Let me be your guide for a wonderful adventure of recreational kayak fishing in the Greater Saint John area!

To see some feedback from previous anglers who have taken me up on this service, see the testimonal page!

For most outings no license, experience or equipment is needed.  You simply need to dress for the weather, bring a snack and show up with the goal of having a great time!

I can accommodate individuals, or groups of up to 5 people for full or half day outings.   Whatever your goals, I will work with you to arrange an outing tailored to the experience you would like to enjoy!

Spring Sturgeon fishing

The sturgeon season will being as soon as the ice breaks up on the Kennebecasis River, typically early April.    The fishing will be great for only about a month before the water warms up and the sturgeon scatter throughout the Saint John river system.

Here is a video of John catching a couple of his 12 on the day back in the Spring of 2015!

Summer Fishing Season

In the months of June through September I can take people out for a wide variety of fishing experiences.   Species such as perch, smallmouth, and pickerel are close by and relatively easy to catch.   Striped bass and shad are around at particular times of the year.   And there are salt water options such as mackerel fishing to be enjoyed as well, depending on the conditions.

The summer time is a wonderful time to take a young child out to safely experience kayak fishing for the first time and discover a sport that you can share with him/her as they grow older!

Fall Sturgeon Season

Late in the summer as the waters start to cool down the sturgeon return to our river in greater numbers.    From September on through to the end of the year, the sturgeon fishing gets better and better.    I will be available only on weekends and holidays for sturgeon fishing in the Fall except for groups of 4 or more.   For larger groups like this I will try to be available for a week day booking.

I am taking bookings now for Fall Sturgeon fishing.  Contact me via e-mail ( or phone (506-650-0395) to select your date(s) and then you can arrange to pay the small deposit via paypal, e-transfer or other means.

The Guided Fishing Service

I am able to provide kayaks and all safety and fishing equipment for up to 5 people at a time.   One of my kayaks is well suited to smaller build adults or even kids as young as 8.  For very young children (age 4 - 8), I have a kayak which you can place a footstool on the back.    My own 5 year old has caught 14 species now from this footstool including a 3 foot sturgeon and mackerel in the Bay of Fundy!   Infomation is here describing my small fleet of fishing kayaks.   

I can provide all the fishing rods, tackle, bait and so forth that you may need.  I will also provide a couple of GoPro cameras to take video footage, and bring along a high end Nikon camera to take stills as well.

I will make arrangements for you as to a time and place to launch and will arrive ahead of time to unload and set up all kayaks for your arrival.    When we finish our outing, you can head on home while I will do the clean up on my own.  


For all that is provided, the cost is surprisingly low.   I do this service not to make a huge profit, but rather to promote and grow the sport, and to cover my own costs for being able to share these adventures with you.

Price per person:

Full Day:  $200 -- Dawn till Dusk
Half Day: $125 -- about 4 hours on the water
Night Fishing: $150  -- A truely unique and memorable experience, going from late afternoon till sometime around midnight.    Fishing under the stars, well away from any city lights
Parent/Child $125 -- I will take a parent and child out together for about 3 - 4 hours and focus on helping the child get the greatest possible experience from the outing.
5 Day Learn to Fish $500 -- Ideal for students looking to get into the sport of fishing.  I will take you out for 5 seperate half days where we focus on a variety of techniques, and species in several great locations.

Are you interested in getting out and experiencing recreational fishing in the Greater Saint John area?   There are an abundance of species and adventures waiting for you!   If you are interested but not quite sure where to start, or do not have the necessary equipment, I'd be happy to be of assistance here as your fishing guide.    Whether you have your own boat, or would like to use one of my fishing kayaks, I can adapt you your needs.    If your an experienced angler from out of town, or a local beginner to the sport I would be happy to take you out and help you experience some of the fantastic fishing right here in our backyard!

For questions or to book a time, please contact me at, phone me at 506-650-0395 or use the contact form on this blog.

Gift Certificates!

If you wish to purchase an outing for a family member or friend, you can use the paypal button here, and I will send you a certificate that you can use as a gift!

Order Online

Use this link to send payment for an outing.   Be sure to follow up with me via e-mail or phone.